How to find location of the villas or apartments when we arrive ?

We do transfer ( extra) for our guests but ıf they arrive by their own we get in contact with them and help them settle to villa or apartments that they have rented.

When is the check-in and check-out time ?

Check-in starts after 16:00 and check-out is before 11:00. TimeLettings will be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs, according to the property’s availability.

How to maintain the pool ?

Our guest doesn't have to maintain the pool. Our gardener comes early in the morning to take care of the pools and the gardens.

What is included in the total price?

The electricity, water, pool and garden maintenance, towels and spare bed linen, cleaning once a week, WİFİ, welcome pack, kitchen equipments and all other equipments in the villa or apartment are all included in the total price.

    Are there any places in villas or apartments where we can make BBQ ?

    We have places where you can make BBQ in the gardens of our villas. But in our apartment we do not have BBQ area because gardens of apartments are shared area. For guests staying in our apartments, our 

    What is the time to use the pool for villas or apartments?

    It is between 09:00 -21:00.  The time limit is to ensure the chemicals we use for the pool don't harm you.

    If we have a problem during our vacation, who can we contact ?

    In case of any problem you can contact our customer representative or  our manager. You can find contact numbers on file that we have in all of our villas and apartments.

    How are prices determined?

    Prices are determined by the landlords by calculating over night.

    What is a Villa with Sheltered Pool?

    The sheltered pool of the pool means that the pool is enclosed in such a way that no one can see it from the outside. In other words, the villa was built with stone walls or covered with thick canvas or fence. In this way, no one can disturb you in the villa's pool or garden.

    How we clean the Villa or Apartment we rented.

    Your rented villa or apart is delivered to you in a clean way. Then the exit cleaning is done.

    If rental of 14 nights or more is made, an interim cleaning is provided weekly. These are included in the price.

    How do I make a reservation?

    How can I make a reservation?

    Online Reservation: You can make your reservation request entry by using the “Seasons and Reservation” panel in the holiday house you want to stay.

    Reservation by Phone: After you have determined the holiday house you want to make a reservation, you can contact our company on 0252 616 74 46 and pass the code of the house to our authorized personnel and you can get all the information about the cottage and confirm the availability of the cottage. Then, your contact information is received by our authority and a “Pre-Booking Document içeren is sent with all the details about your reservation. If you pay the specified payment to our company account within the specified period, your reservation will be approved and “Booking Confirmation Certificate will be sent to you.

    Is there any equipment we should bring with us before we come on holiday?

    Is there any equipment we should bring with us before we come on holiday?

    There are all kitchen utensils in our villas and apartments. A hairdryer and an iron are also included. Our villas and apartments are delivered to you with a set of the bathroom and face towels for everyone and your beds are prepared. Just bring your own personal belongings, beach towels, food and beverage shopping.

    Will there be anyone but us in the Villa?

    There will be no one but you in the Villa. Our villas have a private pool and garden. During the rental period only you belong.

    How do we pay?

    You can pay by credit card or wire transfer.

    What's in the villa?

    Basic kitchen utensils in the villa

    * Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, cooker, kettle, enough fork for the number of people, knives, plates, glasses, etc. are available.

    Salon: LCD TV, sofa set, dining table etc. There.

    In the rooms: There are enough beds, sheets, pillow, bath towel and face towel for the number of people.

    Outside: Private pool, garden and barbecue area.


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