Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law


When you visit and benefit from the services we offer you through this site, how the information we obtain regarding the services you request will be used and protected is subject to the conditions set forth in the "Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy".

Within the framework of this Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy, it is stated how you can control the accuracy of this information and how you can have this information deleted by applying to when you want. All kinds of processes necessary for the processing and use of the said information in accordance with the current and valid data protection regulations will be carried out by Timelettings.

By visiting and requesting to benefit from the services we offer you, you accept the terms specified in the "Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy".


Purpose of Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy

Timelettings ( Baki Eroğlu ) and ( Birebirvilla ) undertake to protect the privacy of the site users so that all their users can benefit from the services offered in a safe and complete manner.

Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Policy, Processing of personal data shared by members, visitors and users of website and mobile applications operated by Timelettings (Baki Eroğlu) in full compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, and It has been prepared to inform our users in this context.


Basic rules regarding the processing of personal data

Timelettings questions the source of the data it collects and attaches importance to obtaining this data in accordance with the law and within the framework of honesty rules. It attaches importance to the fact that all data within the body of the institution are correct and do not contain false information, and finally, if there is a change in personal data, they are updated if they are communicated to it.
Timelettings processes the data limited to the purposes for which it provides and obtains the consent of the people during the service. It does not process, use and make use of data other than for business purposes.
Timelettings retains the data it collects within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law as long as the requirements of the law. However, when these purposes disappear, it deletes or anonymizes the data.

Collection of Personal Data

Timelettings, while requesting personal data from users in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, aims to bring together both the owners who want to rent their properties and the individuals who want to rent them in a way that they can trust each other without any problems. The company has accepted this information of users who share the information listed below for the purpose of renting villas, apartments and boats or purchasing services as "Personally Sensitive Data".

When you use, create a user account on the site or fill out a form here, update or add information to your account information, or

We collect, process and retain relevant data when you buy or sell products and/or services or contact us or other users regarding our services. The main personal data we collect is as follows:

Identity Information: Contains your Name-Surname and your ID number. In some cases, information about your age, gender, interests and likes when creating a user account or using the site; these include your profile information, your friends list, your birthday, your likes, and your e-mail address that Facebook has allowed you to share with us if you have registered with your Facebook account.

Contact Information: Contains supplemental information such as address, phone number, and e-mail address.

User Transaction Information: Transactions that occur in your account during or as a result of selling or purchasing products/services

Transaction Security Information: Other information you have submitted through the forms on the site, by updating or adding information regarding your user account for which you have created a membership, or when you purchase or sell products and/or services, or by communicating with us in any other way, and any conversation/correspondence content within this scope. and related records

Financial Information: E-mail, telephone, invoice and other information (such as tax identification number and other identification numbers) used for the purpose of selling the product, including the purchase or listing of products or services, and information required for cargo/mail transactions (tracking numbers and up-to-date tracking information). information) and user bank account information.

In this context, Timelettings explicitly requests the personal information of the data owners at the stage of membership creation, and this is based on transparency and trust on both sides.


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