Security and Privacy Statement

Security and Privacy Statement


Timelettings uses the information of visitors to the site to provide better and alternative services to its visitors, to determine its customer profile and to conduct statistical studies.

Timelettings keeps the information of visitors visiting the site only within its own body. It will not disclose it to other 3rd parties and/or institutions/organizations without the prior approval of the customer or without a legal obligation.

Your credit card information is only requested for one-time use in payment transactions and is never shared with third parties and stored in the system.

When Timelettings is subject to regulatory bodies or legislative and executive bodies and authorities, when customer information is requested to be disclosed, it will disclose this information only within the framework of the powers granted by law.

Only Timelettings can access the information you enter into the system. It is absolutely impossible for other users in the system to access and change information about you. Timelettings needs some necessary information to be used in payment case to provide better service:


Your name

Your address

Your telephone number

Your Email Address

Date of birth


Confidential information such as your Phone Number, Credit card and password are protected by SSL protocol encryption system (Impossible to Decrypt) while being transferred over the internet. In addition, our company uses the bank's own payment page.


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