Cancellation Terms

Booking Cancellation and Refund Conditions

After the prepayment (deposit) for the villa / apart / flat, the villa / apart / flat is reserved for the customer. In cancellations made up to 30 days after making the payment, the entire prepayment (deposit) will be burnt.

The customer has the right to cancel the reservation before starting the reservation. It is obligatory to notify TIMELETTINGS of this cancellation in writing, otherwise it will not be accepted.

There are certain conditions for cancellations, these conditions will be stated below and their percentages will be included over the total cost of the services to be provided. Cancellation conditions;


If the customer has deposited 35% of the rental price;

It is not possible to refund the deposit sent to rent the villa / Apartment / Flat.

If the customer has paid the entire rental fee;

If the customer makes the entire price of the villa / apart / flat to the TIMELETTINGS in line with his own request; 35% of the prepayment (down payment) will be burnt.

If the cancellation of the reservation is between 29 and 23 days from the date of your entrance to the villa / apartment / apartment, 50% of the total travel price will be charged. If the start of the reservation is between 22 and 16 days, 75% of the total fee will be charged. If the cancellation of the reservation is less than 15 days from the check-in date of the apartment / villa / flat, the total fee paid by the customer is not returned to the customer.

Payments made by credit card do not belong to TIMELETTINGS. These costs are deducted from the amount to be attributed to the customer.


Cancellation of reservation by TIMELETTINGS

Timelettings reserves the right to cancel your reservation in unforeseen situations such as in the regions where holiday homes are located or in the houses themselves (problems in the house installation equipment, water or power cuts in the region, earthquake, etc.). Depending on the wishes and grievances of the guest, Timelettings tries to offer alternative houses in the Villa / Apartment setting rented. The guest can choose one of the alternative Villas / Apartments or request a refund of the entire payment made by canceling the reservation completely. In cases where the customer does not make the remaining payment on time, Timelettings gives the right to cancel the reservation and not to refund the previously paid fee of the customer and to rent this Villa / Apartment to someone else. Reservation cancellations are made in writing, otherwise cancellations are not valid. Cancellation of reservation will be valid after the date of receipt by Timelettings in writing.


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